Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Renovation Plans

Hi! Long time no see!  I know I really don't have the energy to maintain a blog.

Anyway,  I just had the urge to pop by and write something today.

Have been contemplating to renovate the house since January.

First, I wanted to do a new kitchen and bathrooms.

Then,  we decided maybe we should do up the Living Room first since that's the place you see the moment you step into the house.

After much planning for the first 2 thoughts.  Now, I think I should renovate my room first, since I spend most of my time in my room when I'm at home.

If not because of budget constraints,  of course, I'd love to renovate the whole house at one go.

Then I think again.  Maybe I should just put all these renovation money into investments... earn enough then renovate. Hmmmm... That's something I should seriously consider.

My preliminary layout plan for the room. :D

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Speed Mathematics

I have been reading a book recently about how to calculate fast!!  The title of the book is The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics.

It's real fun and cool.  Methods to do speed multiplications are taught.  Adding a long list of numbers, multiplying by multiple digit like 1646461314 x 46146749.  If you master the methods, you can easily get the answer without showing any workings in less than a minute.  Of course, I'm new and no expert, so, it takes me definitely more than a minute to get the answer! Haha..

Here's a little bit from the book.  How to multiply any number by 11?  It's the first trick taught in the book and it's one of the easiest.  Anyone who knows how to add, can do it!   Yes, so we are saying our children who are maybe 7 years old, knows how to add single digits, can get this answer correct.

Example 34261 x 11 =  376871.  The answer can be gotten in less than half a minute.

HOW?!?  Let's work it step by step from left to right of 34261.

Step 1: Write 1, under the 1 of 34261.
Like this;

Step 2: Write 7 under the digit 6.  This is gotten by adding 6 and 1. (6+1 = 7)
Like this:

Step 3: Write 8 under the digit 2.  This is from 2+6=8
Like this:

Step 4: Write 6 under the digit 4.  This is from 4+2=6
Like this:

Step 5: Write 7 under the digit 3.  This is from 3+4=7
Like this:

Step 6: Finally, write 3, in front of 7.  This is from 0+3=3.
Like this:
376871 << Answer.  Check with your calculator.

And also try out other numbers... Longer numbers.. You are better than the calculator now, coz some calculators can only do up to 12 digits.  You can do up to .... infinite number of digits. :D Like 31464631647964131646413136469463164794849496416494794161646 x 11.  So, even if it is like 1 metre long, you won't have a problem getting the correct answer.

Have fun and you can try getting this book!!  More fun stuff in it.  I'm trying to remember all the rules.  Not sure why I'm reading it...though I'm not a mathematics teacher.  And definitely not taking any Mathematics examination in the near future.  Maybe one day I can start teaching my nieces and nephews the tricks in this book!!  And they'll definitely be more interested in Mathematics.

Click on the book to for more details.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Mineral Make Up

Took this photo last night after I received my most recent order from Everyday Minerals.

Looks like I have stocked up quite a bit. And the most used ones are the base powders which I ordered 4 jars recently. All others like eye colour, concealers, colour correcters are seldom use. One reason, I'm always in a rush in the morning. And I'm not really good with colours. :)

Next time I'll take a photo of all the brushes I have. EDM have really good brushes and are reasonably priced.

The black jars are eye colours from Lumiere. All others are from Everyday Minerals.

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Sleepy Afternoon

So sian today... suddenly feel like dropping by here.

Do you have answers to these questions?  At my age (old), I still don't have answers.

1)  What are your aspirations?
2)  What is your ambition?
3)  What would you like to be doing if you have a million dollars?  (can't think of any meaningful things yet, since I don't have the million... erm.. I mean if we have a million dollars, we should be doing something meaningful for the world, right?  Kind of to make our world more meaningful, since it probably isn't meaningful enough at this point of time.. :D  A bit crappy, I know!)
4)  What would you love to do for a living?

Let's update that list......slowly.. Hehe.. See ya again.  Maybe I'll drop by soon... I hope. :D

Also, I went to Taiwan 5-10 Nov 2011.  Will I ever make a post on it?  I can't really trust myself... (to work on it).  We'll see.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mr Big S' Dance Performance

Mr Big S went for a dance performance today. Here's the video. Taken with my lao pok iPhone 3GS, plus poor skills, the video quality can only be this 'good'.

When the dance started, I thought I had started filming, only to realise half way through that I didn't press the 'record' button!!!! Gosh... Luckily I still managed to catch some part of the dance.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Asking for a Loan - Guidelines

Why will I write such a post?  Because someone just tried to ask for a loan.  I think you just can't be too nice to some people, as this will become an opportunity for them to ask for a loan. And hate it hate it hate it!!!

And especially when it's not asked in a nice tone of voice.  Hey you!! You are asking for a loan... not demanding a repayment!

Please use the following guidelines when asking for a loan in future.  However, it does not guarantee a success.  It is basic courtesy to ask nicely..... coz you are asking someone for a F.A.V.O.U.R.!

Step 1: Smile :)  If you can't smile, please try to put on a fake one even if you have to.

Step 2: Be apologetic (this is important) and say.. Erm.. I really need your help.  Can you lend me $20? (or whatever amount you need)

Step 3: Quickly also say... I'll repay you by [date].  (My preferred date of repayment is - 'first thing in the morning tomorrow'. But if you can't, please tell me a date that is A.S.A.P.  Do not..DO NOT wait to be asked 'when will you return this money to me?'  Tell me the date before I ask that question. And make sure the date is not too far away.)

Step 4: I'll be nagging and saying things you don't like to hear, like wah lau.. I need to take taxi in the morning tomorrow.. now you take my $20 then I have to go to the ATM to draw.. etc.  You can say 'sorry, it won't happen again in future'.  Please do not say.... I'll be returning you the money in 3 days what.... Did you understand what I said?  I have to take taxi in the morning TOMORROW!  It's not 3 days later.
So, at this point, if you have nothing better to say please S.T.F.U.

Step 5: And don't forget to say 'Thank You'.  And reassure me again that they money will be returned to me by [date].

Step 6: Make sure you return the $$ by [date].  Else you can be assured that the whole world will know about it.  Although most of the time before the money is returned, the whole world would have known about it already.  Usually I'll tell the people that I tell ....'I tell you something, but you pretend you don't know, ok?'

Step 7: Due Date: Please return money.  Do not wait for me to call or ask.  Because I always want to be the Ms Nice even if I'm faking it!  I won't be nice if I don't see the $$.  Please read Step 6 again for the consequences.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Almost complete, guess what is that?

Completed Le! Why different colour? Coz it was taken at different time of the day. One with room light. The other with sunlight. It's for a pen. Pen also need to protect until like that meh? Yes... Coz the pen expensive. Haha..

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Monday, February 21, 2011

CNY Dinner

I had our last CNY Lo Hei Dinner on 17 Feb 2011.  That is also the 15th day of CNY, more commonly known as Chap Gor Mey or Yuan Xiao Jie - the Chinese Valentines' Day.

It was a small gathering with Lynne, Cris and Lie.  Therefore, we only ordered a few dishes.  But it was enough to fill up our stomachs.  Ok... I'll upload the pictures shortly. :D


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